Deciding which GCSE subjects to choose can be very hard and sometimes scary. Not every pupil will be academic or know what they want to do when they leave school.

It can be confusing and difficult to make decisions when you are in Year 9. This is why we created Building Futures Together so you can experience the construction industry first.

To give you a taste of construction, we will arrange for you to try mechanical and electrical work with our partner, G&H Group, which is a £30m business that has worked on projects like Emerald Headingley Stadium, the Majestic in Leeds and many famous buildings in London.

If you like it, you can then choose your GCSE subjects to help you get a job in construction when you leave school.  And if you really impress, there’s every chance you will be offered an apprenticeship with G&H when you are 16.

The construction industry offers a wide range of careers on building sites and in offices. Opportunities are endless with lots of success stories of people rising through the ranks to owning their own companies. 

The people who run Building Futures Together have done just this.

Darren started on a Youth Training Scheme as a land surveyor before going onto become a director and then owning his own £50m construction company.

Graham followed a similar path and is now the owner-manager of the £30m G&H Group.

There’s nothing stopping you from being the next success story!

“I’m taking this chance to get my head down and start my career.

“We were all nervous on the first day but it’s a really welcoming environment and everyone gets on really well making friends straight away.”