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Jack Craven struggled to integrate into a number of schools and was at Anerley Street Vocational Centre Pupil Referral Unit (PRU).

His future was not looking promising with the likelihood that he would be NEET when his school years drew to a close.

Aged 16, Jack was given a chance with G&H and immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and work ethic resulting in him being offered a four-year apprenticeship.

As part of this he is studying at Leeds College of Building for an NVQ in Building Services Engineering and Pipefitting.

Jack says being given and grasping the opportunity has transformed his fortunes.

He said: “The chance of work experience helped me take a step back and realise that what I was doing wasn’t the way forward for me, it was going to be all downhill and nothing in it for me apart from probably prison.

“I felt that being in a PRU defined me but now I’m waking up every morning thinking I’m doing something I actually like so I’m really enjoying myself.

“All my family are really proud of me and I’m proud of myself.

“I didn’t have a very good school life so to get an apprenticeship, be earning some money and getting my head down is really good. I’m taking this chance to start a career.”



Connor started his apprenticeship in December 2014 after leaving school and graduated four years later.

He now works for G&H Building Services as a heating and ventilation engineer.

"It gave me really good life experiences and boosted my confidence.

“I got great support from G&H and my mentors in particular throughout my apprenticeship – both working on-site and with my college work, which made it so much easier for me.

 “I really enjoyed learning so many different skills, getting to meet new people and regularly travelling to different sites.”


Dion is another school leaver who completed his four-year apprenticeship in 2018 and is now an electrical engineer with G&H Building services.

“G&H was the perfect company for my apprenticeship because I got chance to do a bit of everything so I had a really good understanding of M&E.

“If I needed certain experience or to show something specific in my portfolio then I could get it by going on certain jobs, which was a massive help. 

“Being on-site so much was great.  I could watch the experienced engineers and really learn a lot from them.”