Jack is a tutor at Building Futures Together, helping with the day-to-day delivery of courses for those taking part in sessions.

He joined G&H Group as an apprentice, completing his four-year NVQ Level 3 qualification at Leeds College of Building being employed as a plumber with G&H Building Services.

After working on-site, an opportunity arose for Jack to help Building Futures Together in 2021 and it is decision he has never looked back on.

Jack said: “Straight away I really loved working with the pupils and helping them on the courses.

“It is incredibly rewarding helping young people and giving something back to help them.”

“I’m a people person and I create friendships with pupils in the sessions and show them respect which lets me engage with them better.

“It is a great feeling seeing the young people we work with develop, grow and improve.

“We are really lucky to be in a position to make a genuine difference to their lives, especially those who are heading down the wrong path.”

Director of Building Futures Together, John Thornton, said: “Jack is very conscientious, caring and has a natural way with those who come on our courses.

“He spends three days a week working with pupils delivering courses and two days managing administration, developing workbooks and creating ideas for future sessions.

“It’s Jacks ability to communicate with the pupils that is most important.  He’s on their wavelength and they really relate to him which is fantastic to see.

“He is a perfect role model for them. 

“They hear how he made it on to the G&H apprenticeship, went to college and became a fully qualified and employed plumber so they can see a clear pathway that they could follow.

“He’s able to talk about the process, their options when leaving school and what they need to do if they want to pursue an apprenticeship in construction, explaining that they need to concentrate at school and really focus.

“Jack did this recently so his is a first-hand account they can really relate to which in turn makes them focus much harder and get really positive outcomes from the sessions we provide.”



Connor started his apprenticeship in December 2014 after leaving school and graduated four years later.

He now works for G&H Building Services as a heating and ventilation engineer.

"It gave me really good life experiences and boosted my confidence.

“I got great support from G&H and my mentors in particular throughout my apprenticeship – both working on-site and with my college work, which made it so much easier for me.

 “I really enjoyed learning so many different skills, getting to meet new people and regularly travelling to different sites.”


Dion is another school leaver who completed his four-year apprenticeship in 2018 and is now an electrical engineer with G&H Building services.

“G&H was the perfect company for my apprenticeship because I got chance to do a bit of everything so I had a really good understanding of M&E.

“If I needed certain experience or to show something specific in my portfolio then I could get it by going on certain jobs, which was a massive help. 

“Being on-site so much was great.  I could watch the experienced engineers and really learn a lot from them.”